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Mesa Gateway Plumbing Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

When your garbage disposal is dying, revving out of control, or choking on mangled utensils, Mesa Gateway Plumbing can dispatch specialized technicians to diagnose and repair your tricky issue in no time! These miniature motorized devices take quite a beating in your kitchen sink, and it's important to keep them running strong and safely. We can fix clogs, cracks, or broken cranks better than any other Mesa, AZ plumber.

waste disposalThe garbage disposal was invented in 1927 by John W. Hammes, a Wisconsin architect who spent eleven years in the development process, ensuring that this new incinerator unit would be a safe addition to new homes of the 1940's. When Mesa Gateway Plumbing was established, the garbage disposal proved to prevent clogging and other issues by reducing food scraps to tiny, liquid-like shreds that travel easily through household plumbing systems. Our technicians have been working on garbage disposals almost since they were invented, and we've handled even the most complex garbage disposal repair and replacement.

Let our qualified plumbers repair, replace, or redesign your garbage disposal for optimal functioning. We offer free estimates and unparalleled customer service, every time!